My father in the late 1960's...

At work with a Fordosn Major tractor

Smallthorne Roundabouts circa 19XX...

Viewing from Bank Hall Road/High Lane towards Hanley.
'photo courtesy of Fred Hughes and Stanley Moulson'

Family Members outside their house on Nettlebank...

The house as since gone but the original coal wharf wall remains.

Floods at Ford Green Hall in 1946...

The hall has flooded several times since but still stands bottom of Smallthorne.

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Thanks for taking the time to visit my website. The site is a repository of all the research i've done into my family tree and a one name study into the 'Ashley' surname.

Family Trees

I have constructed several family trees of various sizes. The main one for my direct line is the largest and by its nature encompasses other surnames, some of which cousins are working on. Having progressed on to my One Name Study I have gathered information on the Ashley surname and made contacts with other ‘Ashley’s’ and have constructed trees that try to bring together loose ends... more


I am in the early stages with researching my DNA and potential matches. I already have Y-DNA 37 results and am now awaiting Autosomal and mtDNA results which will widen the potential for matches... more

Smallthorne History

Having been born and bred in Smallthorne I have a great interest in the history of the village and its surrounding areas. I have set up a Facebook Group ‘SMALLTHORNE history and memories’. If you are on Facebook then please feel free to join the group. If you aren’t on Facebook but would like to share any historical information on Smallthorne, in particular old photographs please contact me using one of the other methods on this site... more